Logitech taught home surveillance camera Circle Home Security Camera to distinguish animals from humans

Often, manufacturers put on market a new generation device, which in comparison with its predecessor has very little difference. Quite often, due to the appearance of one some sort of interesting feature this or that company releases a new device. Of course, all of this is designed to increase sales.


But Logitech has decided to go another way and provided an update to the home surveillance camera Circle Home Security Camera. Upgrading brings the camera support for a function Person Detection, responsible for the recognition of objects in the field of view of the camera, as well as Motion Zones function, allowing through proprietary software to specify up to five specific areas, for which the camera will follow.

In particular, thanks to the Person Detection feature, the camera is able to distinguish between humans and animals, so that the owners of various pets do not have to worry about false alarms when the animal once again falls into the camera’s field of view.

At the moment, the new features are only available to subscribers of the tariff Circle Safe Premium, which costs $ 10 per month or $ 100 a year. Among other things, it makes it possible to store videos on the company’s server up to one month. The camera itself is now on sale for $ 150.

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