Unannounced notebook Clevo P870X with CPU Core i7-7770K, two 3D-cards GeForce GTX 1080 and 10 TB SSD is being sold for 16,000 dollars

In the notebook market there is no clear separation of expensive and cheap models, as the concept of “expensive laptop” is different in various segments. But no one would call┬ámobile PC costing 2000-3000 dollars cheap. There are more expensive models. For example, the new Apple MacBook Pro with maximum configurations or game monster Asus ROG GX800.


But all these models is food for the poor compared to the brand new Clevo P870X. The laptop is not yet announced, as it is based on the unrepresented CPU Intel Core i7-7770K. But the guys from Ceg-Hardcorecustom are already selling two copies. And they are asking for almost 16 000 dollars for each.

Undoubtedly, the official price can be significantly lower, yet it is clearly is not an affordable device. And it’s not just the top-end processor. For example, there are at once two GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, like in Asus ROG GX800. But there are no additional liquid cooling system. Also, the unit has got 17.3 IPS display with resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with G-Sync technology.

RAM volume reaches 64 GB and has three SSD Samsung 960 PRO in volume up to 2 TB and two SSD Samsung 850 PRO in volume up to 2 TB of storage. Port selection is represented by USB 3.0 (x5), USB-C 3.1 (x2), Mini DisplayPort 1.3 (x2), HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet (x2) and audio connectors. Battery capacity is 89 Wh. Power supply capacity reaches 330 watts, and there are two of them in their set. Monstrous PC weighs 5.5 kg.

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