Senior processor AMD Zen worth $ 500 will be able to withstand twice more expensive Intel Core i7-6900K and Core i7-5960X

The closer the start of next year, the more there is data about AMD Zen processors. While this is only scraps of information, and most of the leaks generally give very meager idea of updates. But here’s the latest news for more specifics.

According to the source, the flagship SR7 line CPU will be sold for $ 500. It will get eight cores (16 threads) and will operate at frequencies of 3.2-3.5 GHz. At the same time supposedly new Zen in performance can compete with such monsters as the Intel Core i7-6900K and Core i7-5960X, which are estimated at $ 1,000- $ 1,100.

The SR7 line, which will include eight-core CPUs, starts at $ 350. Six-core SR5 line representatives will cost $ 250. Contrary to previous data, SR3 processors carrying four cores (eight threads) will cost from $ 150 and not $ 200.

SR5 and SR7 models should hit the market in January, and the junior SR3 – in March. It also reported on some other details of their configuration. CPU SR3 will have 2 MB cache second level and 8 MB of a third. TDP is 65 watts.

SR5 processors will have 3 MB and 12 MB cache in the second and third levels, respectively. The energy consumption level is also 65 watts. TDP senior models will reach 95 watts. At the same time they will receive 4 MB cache in the second level and 16 MB cache in the third level.

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