Center specializing in living cells 3D-printing for implants will be established in Australia

According to Queensland University of Technology its department became partners with Metro North Hospital and Health Service. Under the terms of cooperation a center will be established, specializing in manufacturing of implants by 3D-printing using human cells.


Working together in the new center, located on two floors of the hospital, doctors and technologists will be able to simulate and produce cartilage, bone and other tissues intended for implantation in the human body.

The participants expressed the hope that they will facilitate the introduction of advanced technologies in medical practice. According to doctors, the first experiences of implantation of artificial tissues produced by printing with the introduction of the patient’s cells, gave encouraging results.

Such implants going to replace metal structures get accustomed in the body, and the artificial material is gradually resorbed and replaced by natural tissue. Currently the possibilities of technology are limited by cartilages and bones, because it is difficult to provide nourishment of more complex tissues and organs in the process of their manufacture, but the researchers hope that eventually it will be possible to print, for example, the kidneys and other organs, figuratively speaking, moving 3D-printing machines to operating table.

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