Mad Catz updated gaming mice R.A.T. range

Mad Catz company unveiled an updated series of R.A.T. gaming mice it has strayed six models-modified r.a. t. 1 marked “the authentic”, as well as r.a. t. 4 t., r.a., r.a. 6 t. 8, R.A.T. PRO S + and R.A.T. PRO X +.


As before, the mouse can be configured under the rulers of the user in the most literal sense — components can be modified to fit the hand and surface type. So, r.a. t. 4 features an adjustable support for the Palm, and R.A.T. PRO X + gives you the opportunity to adapt the device for virtually any coating.
Mouse got smart backlight RGB Kameleon technology with support of 16.8 million colors and a variety of effects. They also are equipped with upgraded sensors and update buttons. New software provides Software Interface FLUX that helps configure sensor program buttons and adjust the backlight. New mouse R.A.T. series will be available at the end of the year 2016.

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