Headset HoloLens contains 24-core holographic processing unit

It was previously known that the basis of headset augmented reality serves as the Intel Atom processor x 5-Z8100 with four cores running at a frequency of only 1.04 Ghz.
Now, however, the developers were told that the basic grunt work is performed by holographic processing unit or HPU, which is produced by the forces of TSMC on 28-nm fabrication process.


This holographic computational unit, placedĀ in the hull 12 x 12 mm, contains a whopping 24 cores Tensilica DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that receive data from all the sensors and their processing. According to the developers, HPU can perform up to a trillion operations per second. When data is transferred to the Intel Atom processor, it remains only to finalize them, although the major task, as already noted, runs precisely forces HPU.

HPU got 8 MB embedded SRAM, as well as 1 GB of RAM LPDDR3. This is in addition to the 1 GB of RAM, which is used in conjunction with a processor Intel Atom x-Z8100. HPU consumes less than 10 Watts of electricity.
Recently the information appeared that HoloLens now is easier to buy.

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