Cherry MC 4000: symmetrical mouse with encircling legs

The company Cherry for a long time is known not only for its mechanical switches used in keyboards of different manufacturers, but also keyboards and mice. Just an assortment of mice at the Cherry has replenished with model MC 4000, thanks to its symmetrical form suitable for lefties and righties.

The novelty is not positioned as it is fashionable, as a manipulator for players, though the company notes use optical sensor with 1000 dpi switchable or 2000 DPI, working correctly with the movements of up to 1.5 meters per second. On the change permissions informs the backlight, illuminated push red or blue. She placed under a wheel, side panels and a button changes the permissions.
Leg completely surrounds the base of the mouse Cherry MC 4000, representing a nearly continuous surface. In addition to the pressure wheel, there are two buttons on the left sidewall of the mouse is very useful in a Web browser or file manager. Resource buttons is estimated at 10 million clicks, the wheel — in 150 thousand spins. Cable length 1.8 m is topped with a USB connector, the weight of the paddle is 130 g with dimensions 116 x 64.5 x 34.5 mm. Mouse Cherry MC 4000 will be available in September at a price of 30 euros.

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