Logitech introduced everlasting mouse G Pro for gamers

Logitech has unveiled a new gaming mouse G Pro. According to the manufacturer, the mouse is fast, accurate and reliable. This gadget is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons and replaceable nano-socket with turbo boost.


Logitech G Pro is equipped with an optical sensor with a sensitivity of PMW3366 from 200 up to 12000 DPI. Stated that any value will remain zero sensitivity smoothing, filtering and acceleration. Right and left buttons got tension system with metal springs that increase the accuracy and speed of operation, as well as reducing the velocity needed to click. Backlight allows you to select from 16.8 million hues. In total there are six programmable buttons.

Mouse weighs 83 grams, which is quite a bit for the gadget game class. Dimensions are 116.6 mm x 62.15 mm x 38.2 mm. The manufacturer promises that the left and right buttons have a lifespan of 20 million clicks, that’s enough to 10:00 an intense game every day for two years. Built-in memory will keep the DPI settings, options, buttons and illumination configuration on the device.

Logitech G Pro is to appear in retail stores in the United States and Europe in August and costs in the order of 70 dollars.

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