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Apple iPad 4, Google Nexus 10 or Nothing?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to make decisions. That’s what I am doing now. Should I get that gadget or should I get that one, or to hell with them and just wait? Currently I’ve got a third generation iPad. I … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire

What’s the deal with Kindle Fire? Oh yeah, of course, it’s got the best hardware available for 7 inch devices. But what about software? To be honest I’d rather get one of the Google Nexus 7 devices – proper Google … Continue reading

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ASUS Padfone 2 or wait for Google Nexus 4 32gb?

Well it’s now the time for me to start thinking about getting a new phone. But what is it going to be? I’ve had my good old HTC Desire S for more than a year and I really like it. … Continue reading

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